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PBS Business Insights (PBS-BI) are general management articles published by the Philippine Business School. The Business Insights cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to various industries and management functions which are critical to the realization of PBS vision: “Shaping the global business leaders of tomorrow”. These focus on areas including leadership, business, strategy, management, operations, technology, risk management, finance, organizational development, marketing and many more.

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Business Insight

The 5-E Steps in Pursuit of Business Success

A lot of people are asking me for the “steps how to become an entrepreneur” and “how to start a business”. There are different ways how to discover your entrepreneurial mindset because there are several variables in kickstarting a business — to name a few, here are the things you need to consider: business nature, business model, target market, competitive advantage, strategy, location, products, and services, etc. From my experience when I entered the business world 15 years ago, there are things that every entrepreneur must do. So, here is The Magsino’s 5-E Steps in Pursuit of Business Success — your guide to start your own business.

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Business Insight

Enhanced Money Quarantine (EMQ)

Enhanced Money Quarantine (EMQ) by: Lyndon Magsino, CPA   The Global Filipinos are now “at home” because of the government-mandated quarantine or because of the

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