020522 Masterclass in MS Excel: Proficiency in Basic Tools and Functions

Schedule: February 5,13,20, & 27, 2022 at 10 AM until 12 PM
MIBS · October 20, 2021


Microsoft Excel Mastering the fundamentals is an intensive workshop of the Philippine Business School, aimed at supporting the enhancement of skills of Filipino Professionals on Excel spreadsheets, being one of the most commonly used applications in the business.

The approach of Philippine Business School on the workshop course gets you up to speed with the fundamentals of Excel, including the mastery of the key shortcuts without the dependency on your mouse.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, a student will be able to:

1. Gets faster speed at the navigation and execution of formulas in excel with fewer dependencies with the mouse

2. Learn how to convert raw data dump from CSV or text format into a meaningful table to enable analytics.

3. Participants will build better confidence in creating meaningful graphs and charts.

Key Topics

  • Module 1. Mastering Key Shortcuts

Develop the techniques and cues for excel fundamentals with a hands-on workshop for application.

  • Module 2. Basic Excel Formulas

Be knowledgeable on the excel formulas and how to optimize these formulas for your business reporting needs. There are shortcuts and cross-table matches that will speed up the way you do work.

  • Module 3. Excel Shortcut and Formulas applied to Business Case

Become more comfortable with the acquired skills in excel and apply your learnings in actual business case scenarios! 

Testimonial from a student who completed this course:

“I would rather pay the right fee for this high-quality masterclass, rather than paying a cheap price for poor quality of training. Definitely, I recommend this course to all my friends and colleagues!”

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