The Philippine Business School is an educational institution, focusing on the Masterclass, Executive Programs, eMasterclass (distant-learning), Conferences, Seminars and Workshops. PBS goal is providing international standards of education for professionals who want to grow and fast-track in their career by bringing fresh and innovative teaching techniques.

The logo represents the attributes and core values of the Philippine Business School. The shield reflects assurance that quality education is provided. The star-elucidates guidance and success. The lion symbolizes expert authority and valor while the eagle radiates great strength, leadership and vision. The red, blue, and yellow depict the dominant colors in the Philippine flag – which can also reflect the Philippine culture that has global eminence.

Philippine Business School

PBS is a premier and most innovative business school and proud to be:

With a team that is nationally and globally recognized leaders in the field of education and business.
The first and only business school solely owned by the Filipinos and for the Filipinos outside the Philippines and competing in the global business arena.
The first educational institution with a sophisticated platform for hybrid mode of teaching i.e. campused-based Masterclass and online-based Masterclass (branded as the "PBS eMasterclass").
The first International CPD Provider in the ME recognized by the Philippine Professional Regulatory Commission.
Launched hundreds of courses and produced thousands of graduates and business startups.
Launched its Executive Masterclass in partnership with De La Salle University Manila.


At the Philippine Business School, we nurture you to:
Be critical thinkers and problem solvers to constantly innovate and achieve your greatest potential; Aspire to lead new trails to have a profound impact on the way the world does business; and Shape your competencies to become global business leaders.


The Philippine Business School provides world class, quality programs that enable students to develop knowledge, skills and abilities necessary in shaping global business leaders.

PBS Core Value & Culture

Faculty & Speakers